In the midst of the Christmas and new year euphoria, the busy streets of Lagos, especially the mainland’s are places to look out for. There are so many side attractions here and there.

As we all know, December is a period of happiness and laughter to many. In fact, when you go out, on the streets, not minding the current economic situation of the country. You are bound to see people in the market places transacting, exchanging goods and services.  Many families strive to put a plate of rice and chicken on their tables.
Definitely, no parent would want his/her children to go hungry or go seeking for food even in their neighbour’s apartment. The Christmas and new year attires of different embroideries serves as the elixir of life for so many people. Even as some family heads couldn’t get their emoluments, celebrations still went on at its minimal disposition.


The streets, the cars, the restaurants were full of life with people of different heights and colours trooping in and out of the very notable fun places. However, even in the midst of the euphoric condition of the season, there were still people who couldn’t enjoy it like their counterparts did. These are the less-privileged within the society. Some people are lame, blind, deaf, dumb and they cannot feel the fullness of the ecstasy.


A particular scenario few days after Christmas distorted what I call my “human feeling”. I was at a fuel station in the busy garage(motor park) of Ikorodu. My mission there was to use the ATM which is at the exit end of the station. The queue was so long and the sun, overly scorching that I couldn’t but sweat profusely under the open heaven. I stood waiting to withdraw some small amount of money just to make the new year worthwhile for the family.


Just a few minutes before it was my turn to get some cash, I noticed a lame man begging for alms within the “garage.” He was able to move to and fro (not far from the ATM stand) by crawling on his obviously weak knees. I was deeply sorry for him because even those of us who were not lame felt the hellish condition of the atmosphere.


I had not finished pondering when I saw a full grown, tall, hefty and young looking man come before the lame man with his right hand stretched asking for money. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I decided to ask the woman behind me about what was going on.” He is paying for the space used” the woman said. Did I just hear that? Yes! Truly, the man paid for crawling on his knees within a limited space and begging for alms. That was a shocker for me, because the only people I know who pay for spaces are those who carry wares about or have a stall in the market.


Now can we say that the Lagos state government knows about the inhumane act conducted by the so called “local government task force” officials? We never can tell, but I tend not to believe that. What I’m disturbed an concerned about us why a man cannot show love in this season of love to a fellow man( a lame one for that matter). Let’s in conclusion, cultivate the habit of showing love to the less privileged at any point in time. Let the inhumane treatment on our fellow compatriots stop.

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