Happiness is something that should come from within. It is something you should not trade with anything. Total happiness is hard to find in this modern word.

A man should never trade his happiness for anything. When a man attains that point of happiness, it feels real, it feels like the best time in the world. It feels like that moment should live forever, you should long for a lifelong happiness.

Happiness is hard to find in the faces of most people. It is hard to find a happy employee, it is hard to find a happy friend, and it is even hard to find a colleague who is happy.

When you walk on the street, you see a lot of people walking, most of them are walking in real life but their minds have travelled very far. The journey for a life with happiness is something we should all long for.

Happiness means freedom; it is this type of happiness that gives birth to joy, the joy of a man is very important.

Why are most people not happy? A lot of factors, an important thing to note is the fact that some are not living the life they desire. A lot of people have dreams but they are scared to go after those dreams which will always bring a lifelong sadness.

When a man is scared of going after something that will bring happiness, sadness will be served in his table. A man could be scared due to money factors. And it is very true to most men.

If you don’t want to give up your job, for a dream that give you happiness. That is fine, you can be doing your 9 to 5 job and still do something you love. You can consider doing your dream per time. How do you do this, you can work on your dream 7pm to 1am if you are passionate about it sacrificing a few time should not be hard. I promise, if you can do this you will have happiness.

It is possible for you to have happiness when you are ready. You should just find what is disturbing your happiness, if you can find that thing you can fix it. When you fix it, you can have your happiness.

Everybody can be happy; it takes one thing, decision. Nobody is going to give you happiness. You have to decide for yourself that you want true happiness. Happiness is not just a word, it something that we feel deep from within, if you have never been happy you’ve not lived. Happiness is part of living; a lot of things can go right when a man is happy.

Have you ever had an encounter with a happy man? Happy people see life from a different angle, they see life from a winner’s point of view, they want to live a life they long for and they want to help other people become happy.

Anybody who is happy and is not willing to help other people become happy is not truly happy, it is a camouflage. A happy man will help more people become happy, being happy takes curiosity, it takes gut. You’ve got to be curious on what life holds.

Curiosity is one the thing that drive man, we want to know how tomorrow will be like. How did you feel a day to new year? Many people could not wait to break into the new year. Most people have pen down their goals and new year resolution and they can’t wait to see the new year and star.

That is how happiness is, curiosity. You should give curiosity a chance in your life. You can decide to go and see that great place you’ve always want to visit. This is a new year, you can decide to go and visit that place this new year.

Most people wait, and it is the reason why they are not happy. You should not wait to go and do what is best for you, something that will give you happiness, you shouldn’t wait. You should go get the happiness you desire, don’t wait for that calendar to flip before you go and find true happiness.

If you become a happy man today that is it you are happy. It is left to you not to blow it, it is left for you to make it last. You are going to be happy if you truly want happiness.