If I knew my rapists, I would be in prison for murder.

For the hatred and vengeance

 I seek can only be satisfied by stabbing each of them in the heart, and enjoy the pleasure of watching each slowly bleed to death.

I can’t forgive, No I won’t forgive!!
For the damage is too deep to be healed by
something as simply as forgiveness.
I struggle to remember their faces, if only I
could, I will be behide prison walls
rather than writing this.
Perhaps one day I would remember their faces,
so I can finally plan and execute the perfect
I’m not afraid to be locked up,
Because I will finally know peace.
Perhaps, the judge and the Jury will
Take pity on me once they get to hear my story.
I will be celebrated and decorated with medal
rather than be incarcerated.
Don’t be quick to judge my vengeful heart, if you
had seen what they did to me, you will help me
plan the perfect murder.
I was a sweet little girl who saw colours and
beauty in everything.
But those monsters drained me of my
Innocence and turned me into
A blood craving raging BITCH

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