A lot of people are in complete shit right now. We are in complete mess, things we are not proud of. Our life is not what it used to be, we are scared of what the future holds. We are constantly looking for answers on how to change our life and make it better.

  1. Erase all your friends. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, and it is pretty much the hardest thing to do. I don’t know why you need to stick with someone who is adding no value to your life. I don’t understand why you still staying with someone who is not pushing you to succeed. I don’t understand why you are still talking with someone who is not adding anything to your success. If someone is not doing anything to make you become a better person, that person has to leave. You have to make that decision for yourself, they have to go. I tell you whether you do the cleaning, there is assurance that you friend might move on and you won’t even be together in the next ten years, so why don’t you do the erasing now, stay away from anyone who is not in any way making you progress.


  1. Read personal development books. You don’t have to be a fast reader, the essence of you reading is for you to become better, you are trying to help yourself, you should not care about reading one million book in a year, just try to read a book, and read it every day till you start seeing your life change. Read your way to success, reading can change your mindset, it can change your life in a little period of time. There is nothing you want to do that has never been done, you won’t find it on television or in a video game, the only place you will find it is inside a book. There are a lot of books in the market that will not help your situations, just find a book that will be of help to you.


  1. Get rid of negativity. Anything that will make you negative should be destroyed. I repeat any materials, any content, anybody that will make you negative should be destroyed. Don’t allow some negative things you see in the media to disrupt your life. You should get rid of your TV if it is giving you a lot of negative news, you should unfollow friends on social media who are putting negative things on your timeline. You should stop watching any negative news platforms, you should start taking advantage of all the positive things on social media.


  1. Listen and watch inspirational video. There are lots of audio and video content on the internet that will inspire and impact you for action. Watch Ted talks, they will help you to become better. You can go to YouTube download all this motivational videos, watch them at your spare time. You can also download podcasts online, listen to them, the things is you can listen to them while you are working or while in the bus, all you need to do is to connect your earpiece; you connect yourself with that inspiration. I know some of you the only thing you have on your phones are stupid shit that will give you no motivation, if the only things you have on your phones is some humorous or uninspiring video and audio content, remove them and replace them with contents that will change your life.


  1. Drink juice each morning. It is good to start your day with some fresh juice, it will help your energy for the day, it will give you the drive you need for the day. Some of these things we don’t count really go a long way to give us the boost we need for the day. You should start juicing up each morning, it has a way of affecting your brain, it has a way of putting your body in the right shape for the day. Drinking green juice in the morning can help your life, you might be having stomach ache almost all the time and it does not make you effective, perhaps it is headache, try and juice up.


  1. Start working out. The thing about working out is that you don’t need to stress yourself by going to some gym where you pay some amounts of money to be a member. You can work out inside your room, get some valuable content online, content that will make you understand working out, you can even build a small gym in your house with less cost. There are people who are always ready to help online, working out instructors, you will find them on YouTube, instsgram, Twitter. Working out will give you energy, it will discipline your body and help your brain to function well. It will also help your life, it has a way of giving you a boost.


  1. Turn your back to negative conversations. I know people who only start negative conversations, there is nothing good in their mouths, the only thing they talk about is the negative things going one in the society. You have to stop doing that, don’t involve yourself in any negative conversations, don’t start any negative conversations. There are people in your place of work who only talk about how much life is not fair, how much they hate life, how much they hated their job. All those things are the junks you need to stop right now. They will make you no better.


  1. Don’t over think things, take action. Some of you the reason why you are in the same spot is because you only over think things you don’t take action. You need to stop over thinking, over thinking will produce no result, doing is the only thing that gives result. You only think about how you should do it, you only think about what you should do, you only think about what you are doing wrong, stop all those thinking. Thinking about it too much is a problem on its own, you need to start doing things, be decisive, take action. Stop waiting for you to make the thought perfect, I tell you I have been there, I over think all this things I want to, but the only way I do them is to just do them. I beg you to be decisive in you thinking’s.


  1. Stop doing shit you hate. Majority of the reasons why you are not happy with your life right now is because you are not where you are and you are doing the things you don’t love. Stop doing that. I don’t know the profit you get from a lifelong pity, you need to find the things that you love and do them. You need to have self-awareness, find yourself. There is no point in doing shit that you hate, if you can ask yourself what you want to do every day for the rest of your life, find that thing and do it, I promise you will change your life forever.


  1. Find successful people in your field and reach out to them. Many of us think the most successful people don’t have time to attend or talk to some random guy. But I am assuring you today, a lot of successful people want to share advice with anybody who is willing to ask. Don’t just think they will not answer you if you have never tried, at least just give it a shot and stop thinking it is not possible. Reach out to the most successful people and talk to them, let them advice you.


  1. You need to have faith. Great and big things only happen with faith. Changing your life forever into what you want can only happen by faith. My friend you need to have a lot of faith. It is very critical to have that perfect life you so desire. When you are doing the right things you need to do and also exercising some faith it compliments each other and also gives great results.

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