The year 2016 was a great year in the fashion world, the bomb from an overall comeback of cold shoulders to crazy necklines, of course, with a new year comes even more fashion. The fashion predictors have picked out fashion trends that will be huge in 2017, and I think if these styles are what’s in store for fashionistas for the next twelve months, then it’s going to be quite an amazing year.

Also, the most exciting aspect of this year’s trend is that based on what people are already searching for on pinterest, all of the trends are completely wearable. So, you don’t have to be too much of the daring type to rock them.

Here are the five fashion trends that you’ll be seeing a lot of in the new year.


According to pinterest, bell sleeves are the new cold-shoulders coming out in different colours, fits and positions, so you might need to stock up now.


Artistic prints that are inspired either by nature, strong art references, quirky patterns, or simple mother earth will be here to stay in 2017.


Though sneakers have been in vogue since last year, because people are no longer in for the 5-6 inches, the word is now comfort. Metallic are going to rule now, also because of their versatility, you can never have too many to be super chic with your everyday denim, a good shoe (sneakers) and a statement piece of accessory.


One shoe trend that will really be taking over in 2017 is the mule. The heeled mule, flat mule, low back heel mules, sneakers mule alongside other backless shoes and loafers are taking over this season, they were big in 2016 and they will be even bigger in 2017.


It’s back people! The more the merrier when it’s comes to earrings in 2017.

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