Have you ever asked yourself what the secret to success is when it comes to writing? Most writers are held captive by the level at which they handle their writing career. If they had gotten the enormous knowledge, they will not be stagnant.

Here are principles you can engage in as a writer and practice from time to time and you will see things changing for you in the writing world.


What are the three main priorities in your writing life? As a writer, have you ever wondered what your time-management is saying? When you have the time to yourself, what are those things you do? Is there any correlation between your writing career and your time?

If so, Awesome! If not, I think you should have a rethink and merge your time with your priorities because that is what matters most in your endeavor to be a successful writer. It will be an added advantage to you if you set out those things you would love to achieve as a writer.

A lot of writers had aimed high in the career but little did they do to ensure that every of their activities is channeled towards achieving the best in the writing community You must get rid of the junk that prevents you from doing what’s important to you-writing.

Really think about how you want to spend your life – you will likely only feel successful if you spend your time on what matters most to you-your writing. At this stage you need to give a balancing equation in your time and priorities because in your time lies your strength and ability to captivate your audience.


Admit it! You are not time conscious. You have to know that Time is our precious resources, and it’s irreplaceable.

Writing out your schedule helps for three main reasons: It helps you maximize every hour you are awake; it helps you set aside time to focus on your priorities every day; and it helps you discover if you waste a lot of time. It is necessary that you do a plan for the next so as to keep you in the box of your writing career. Setting a schedule will help you avoid the trap of time-suckers.


As a writer if you really feel good in the writing community, you have to put aside the fact that someone else is better than you. You have to quit comparing yourself to everyone else. Being envious of others can quickly decrease your happiness and make you feel unsuccessful.

That being said, comparing can be helpful if you’re doing it out of admiration instead of jealousy. If your friend is constantly making waves in the writing community, study his habits in the line of writing, learn what he is doing right to improve yours. Emulating his work ethics may help you get the raise you desire. Is your friend an epitome of perfect writer?

Comparing your habits to his may make you realize he does something extra-ordinarily every day while you are busy at your desk with something far away from improving your writing skill. This attitude can fuel our determination to become more successful as a writer.


It is highly essential that you take advantage of every situation. A law states that ‘work will expand to fill the time available for its completion.’ If you have a limited time to complete a particular task, it is advisable that you double your effort.

Think about how fast you can be if you have a client who just contacted you that he needs a content within 1hour and how intensely you can focus when you have an assignment to do. Giving yourself deadlines to accomplish tasks can help you achieve your goals as a successful writer.

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