Have you been thinking on how to beat and supersede your business competitors? Have you tried many ways and still it is not working out?

May be it is because you have not put in place the strategies that twill sweep your competitors off the ground and place you above.

The current world today will give you no doubt that business rival springs up on a daily basis and if you must stay relevant you must put into practices some tactic that will beat down your competitors in the market. If your intention is to remain significant in the market and your choice of business not minding how large your competitors are, you must be able to key into these secrets. Let’s take a ride as we look at the top ways to stay ahead of your competitors

It is crucial that you know your competitors very well in order to move ahead of them. When you understand your competitors, it will give you an edge into their strengths as well as their weaknesses. You also need to uncover their areas of attraction to consumers, get to know their selling points by doing this you will remain relevant in the industry.

When you have a good understanding of your competitors it will enhance your head high in every move. You have to know how they can cheat you in terms of customers

A good understanding of your competitors will help you stay ahead of their every move, anticipate their actions, and understand how they can, and will hurt you. Having this knowledge will help you stay ahead of the competition every step of the way.

Most times it is very difficult to predict customers. As things changes in the world and your industry, it makes you fluctuate in their decision making towards a product. In view of this, you must closely study your customers to get feedback from every action you take.

You must study your consumers to uncover what is drawing their attention elsewhere. Study them to see how they react to your products and services and get responses from them. Get to know the kinds of response they supply either negative or positive, to your business or others. By doing this, you will be updated with their immediate and anticipated demands.


Have you ever wondered why some automobile, Electronics. Telecommunications companies are always releasing some new brands every interval? Good! If you are able to phantom out the reason, then you will know that the same case is applicable to all business.

In the world we are today, nobody wants to be out-dated. Everyone wants to use latest in town. That is why when you see some applications, you will marvel at the amount of versions they have (version 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc.). The interesting part of this is the fact that there is no age limit to this. Everyone wants to meet up with the up to date happenings and development in the world.

When you update your products, it will enable you to be ahead of your business competitors. Everyone wants to be noticed, valued and respected which will increase the rate at which people purchase /demand for currently-trending products.


A lot of people are guilty of this. They neglect their customers and always expect them to purchase their products or patronize their services.

Do you show concerns to your customers? Don’t you know that the more
you give your customers a surprise, the more they love your brand.

Have you ever tried to keep in contact with your customers?

What about emails? Do you send them messages? Do you call them

Do you contact them when they are having their birthday just to congratulate them or even during festive seasons?

A lot of other business will give discount to customers but I can tell you categorically that a little surprise that is periodical can go a long way to appreciate your brand. And value it than others.

What about when you put across a call or message to some prospective customers for their loyalty and high purchasing demand. Do you know it will build your brand loyalty among other customers? This will spur them to talk about you and your business to others and the kind of service you provide and even how friendly you are.

Be aware that the small things you do regularly is much appreciated by your customers than a financial aid that is not constant and it will make you stay above your competitors when it comes to customers relations.

Countless number of employers don’t take this into consideration. They believe since the cash is coming they neglect their employees. One important factor you must take note of in your business is that your employees matters a lot, they are the one who relates more to your customers, respond to their requests. Hence you must treat them well because you only play the managerial role.

Don’t be among those employers that treat their employers as if they fall from the sky. Employees’ relations are as important as customers’ relations simultaneously. Treat them in such a way that will make them handle the business with so much passion and encouragement. Care for your employees first before attending to your customers-they are you back-bone.

Personally as a CEO or whatever role you may be handling, let your employees feel like a family. You can decide to give some entitlements and compensation, you can also organize a get-together, give them opportunity to make contributions and even go as far as visiting their families

When you do this, it makes your employees put in much effort into the business and these automatically places you over your competitors.

Countless numbers of people are good in business but could not outline and uncover the proper way to get their services/goods to the consumers. For a business to grow one of the key factor is the power and importance of marketing, whether it is an online business or offline business.

In a lay man “Understanding of the Concept Marketing” it is how you position your business so that you can communicate the right message to persuade your target market to patronize your business. Marketing is an essential way of persuading a prospective customer/consumer to take a desired action.

Have you discovered where your customers are always present? Why not launch new marketing strategies in that area.

Why not market your products in a different ways from other competitors?

The more you try exploring new ideas of marketing your business; it
catapults you to the top ahead of your competitors


Every business that does not launch into the future is ready to go into extinction. When you venture into the future, you position your business in the market for long and short term.

When you prepare for the future, it creates room for progress, invest in new technologies and get customers anticipated demands.  This encourage your customer to be anxious to see what next you have in stock for them.

You have to look ahead. Make sure you position your business in the
level you want it to be in the next few years.

Make sure you keep your brand in the right track to ensure that you stay
in existence for as long as the world remains and this helps to scale
you higher than your competitors.

I hope you will put this into action and I bet your business will scale
to a higher altitude.

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