Fellow Nigerians.

I will like to seek for your sincere and objective attention, as I present to you the concept of #BlackSunday!

It is no longer news that there’s a new cemetery in Nigeria, and the location is nowhere but in Southern Kaduna. It won’t be a humour if I say that both the Kaduna State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria are firmly in support of this cemetery.

I won’t get you bored. What is a cemetery you may ask? And I’ll say, it’s where dead bodies are buried or been kept. And it is under supervision or better still control of a power.

Southern Kaduna is a Christian community. Very peaceful and lively. The humble people are farmers and God fearing. But of recent, we are hearing news of how these people are being maltreated in their land, and the government has done nothing to it.

In one of my posts on Facebook about the killings in this region, I presented to us the Catholic Church figures which says about 800 persons has been killed. But, to counter  this, the Nigeria Police said no, that the numbers of the deceased are not up to that, but they failed in giving us their own figures.

How is Kaduna State Government supporting this killings? Since the beginning of this bad action, His Excellency, the Governor of the State (Mr. El Rufai) has done anything sensible, rather, he has been uttering statements that ushers sorrowful tears. On the President’s case, His Excellency, the GCFR gave January 1st message to the nation without mentioning this evil going on in Southern Kaduna. To me, their actions are endorsement of this barbaric act.

Information provides that pregnant women, our children were killed. We voiced out and the government is asking us to be quiet that they’re working on the issue !

I wish this cemetery will be abolished even now. Mr. President is very much carried away with the politically motivated flimsy victory of Boko Haram in Sambisa forest and forgets the poor souls in this region.

The people are helpless. The government they voted for could and still finds it difficult to protect them, Isn’t this evil?

Churches are been burnt. Christians are been and still being ill treated in this region. Yet, it means nothing to the governments.

We may have no power, but we’ve got a voice. Our amiable CAN President, Dr. Supo pleaded that we attends our churches in black to mourn these innocent souls killed by their own government because of their chosen faith. We will fight this battle with what we’ve got.

Black Sunday was to seek for help for our people. To pray for their families and pray for the community.

I must say this, Nigeria does not belongs to Muslims alone, neither does it belongs to the Northerners. It belongs to all.

I am convinced that Black Sunday would strike cords in heaven and something will happen. Our governments both in Kaduna and the Federal levels has failed us. They have allowed their Islamic concepts to blind folds them from true and sincere governance.

Every citizen worth protection regardless of his/her religion or beliefs.

I will round off by saying that the time is now for Christians to rise and act, and while we pray, we watch. I strongly believe in Nehemiah’s concept of religion and beliefs. It is highly needed now.

Let us arise, and “protect” ourselves for government is sick in this regards.

I pray for comfort for these bereaved families.

God bless Nigeria.

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.

By Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

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