Fellow Nigerians,

May I start by saying that I am not a supporter of “Buharism,” by this I mean that I am not a “Buharist.” I have never been, and I won’t be! However, I do not hate the person of Mr. President. I took my position historically.

Again, I must say that I have so much respect for our daddy, Baba Adeboye. Sincerely, there are no words to describe him, so I say; he’s a “divinity” within the humanity.

Few days ago, there was news about his retirement which went viral and there were many misconceptions about it. Though, till now, there are still misconceptions too, but the issue is becoming clearer now to the public.

I have read part of the RCCG’s constitution and the Acts that “force” Baba’s retirement from the position of General Overseer. To the misinformed masses, we quickly blamed it on the government of the day, thinking that, they did it on purpose. However, I am not saying that the government of today is totally innocent of such demonic Law.

We have it in record that the Act was established under the leadership of the former President of this Nation, but it was not properly related to the masses for consumption. I must also say that, when the Act was seemingly made known, some Christian religious leaders contested against in the Court of Law, but lost the case. I read that, this made the agency to make it active and functioning.

I must say that about eighty Church leaders signed in support of this Acts out of about over two hundred registered churches under Nigeria Government. Now I ask, when did these church leaders sign? Did they relate it to their followers? Did they properly educate their members about it? Or I should ask, did they seek legal counsel before they sign the Bill? Sincerely, I can’t provide answers to those questions.

What’s the Acts about? Any religious leader that has used or stayed for twenty years in office should resign. Again, any religious leader that is up to seventy years old should leave the office. You can get the details online, these are just in summary. This Act was first used against our financial institutions and it worked.

Now, this Act has come against RCCG and peace is becoming heat on the Christian community. Many argued that it was an attack on the church. A planned one, while others says the division in the church is the cause. Anyway, these two points are real, but we must act on fact.

I ask, when it was first mentioned in the house, where were the Christian representatives? I’ll not welcome any statement that will say that they were outnumbered, because politics is about soundness of heart and articulation, as well as mobilization of human and material resources. Were they not politically informed before taking the post or what?

Again, when about eighty Christian leaders signed it, didn’t they know what they were doing? Did they sign under duress? Didn’t they have the fuller knowledge of its consequences on the Christian body at large?

The Law is working now, Baba Adeboye is the first “victim” and of course, we should be expecting the likes of Bishop Oyedepo, My daddy Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Bishop Okonkwo of TREM, Papa Ayo, Daddy Kumuyi of Deeper Life, Daddy Olukoya and many to go “down” through this demonic attack.

Why my caption? RCCG is the most influential Christian body in Nigeria (my opinion is open for debate), and the church also have political powers in the land. Presidents, Governors and many political dignitaries have been to Redemption Camp for prayers and advice on different cases. The present Vice President of Nigeria is a Pastor in RCCG. Some honourables and senators under the former President were members too. I ask, will these persons claim innocent of this Law? Only God sees every heart.

From Baba’s farewell statement, he said he’s handling over based on government’s policy. We were not told about it origin, but, later got it from other sources. Baba’s position of humility and submissiveness is understandable. But, RCCG should have come out much more clearer.

Baba’s retirement shouldn’t be attributed to Mr. President. Though, he has the power to overrule the Law, but, did our leaders press harder or open up to the masses? Now, the knife has done its worst, and we’re planning to throw it away.

Blame RCCG, not Mr. President because to me our own, the Vice President isn’t trying on religious matters. That’s my opinion. What does RCCG do tell these politicians when they flocks in to them? I will be surprised if there is any RCCG regional headquarter without a key political figure.

RCCG might have taken an humble position on this, but, they must admit that they caused this on the Pentecostal bodies, and the rest church at large. I understand RCCG may want people to hail them and call them “law abiding citizens”, but how true is it? Will other GOs follow this line? If they don’t, does it mean they’re not law abiding.

Sincerely, as it stands, one day, government will come up to say that no church should build beyond 1,000 capacities Church. They’ll demand that our messages should be screened first, before preaching. They’ll tell us when to observe service, and when not to. Then, RCCG will still claim to be law abiding.

A king in the Bible time, ordered that no one should pray to any other god in the land… Daniel defiled it. He prayed, was detained but God delivered him. Besides, Nehemiah was told not to build the wall of Jerusalem… What ends the story?

I am not preaching disorderliness but, we must always be proactive and functioning. Government shouldn’t dictate for the church, it is evil. Church is ecclesiastical and not terrestrial.

Lastly, it is not over yet. The Law can still be abolished. Christian bodies need to come together and act fast. I must also say that, it will be good for government to leave church matters alone. Let God judge. He owns the church, not government. I know there are evil in the church, but, government is not in the best position to flush it away. Only God can do that. Baba’s retirement should have been motivated by RCCG, not by government policy. Moreover, RCCG should re-orientate their members representing the Christian body politically.

This is the right time to act fast.

May the Lord help the Church in Nigeria, and globally.

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.

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