Growing up as a child in the 1990s and early 2000s our mothers told us many lies rather than educating us about them, well I won’t call it a lie, I guess it was their own way of preventing us from what they thought was not good enough for us.

I could remember my first menstruation it was early morning and my mother as at then call me and said I’ve now become a lady that I need to be careful with boys, “don’t allow any boy to touch you, when a boy touches you; you will become pregnant.” This was the advice my mother gave me that morning and am sure this is applicable to many of us who grow up in that age. They never saw it as an avenue for them to educate us on the topic of sex education.

Although as at that time this lies were able to keep some of us and for many us of hell no because of curiosity, we wanted to know what will happen if a guy touch us and this led to many being deceived by boys especially the older ones, who find these girls ignorant and took advantage of them, that led to so many unwanted pregnancy in those days, because we were not taught rightly on what it means to have sex and the connection between sex and menses.

One of such lies again is don’t look into the mirror at night and honestly till now I am still trying to figure out what will happen if I look into the mirror at night, because I didn’t get anyone to tell me what the consequence will be and I can remember trying to peep into the mirror several night with fears in my heart that was already created in me and I didn’t get to see anything.

Funny enough, the night I picked up a tab to write this piece the inspiration came from this angle of looking into the mirror at night, cleaning my face with cleanser and looking into the mirror I remembered those words and I stared more at the mirror hoping that something will happen and nothing happened, that moment I realized that many of those words from our mothers were fables and some of it never exist, it was just the figment of their own imagination.

Hmmmm, I will not forget this one that they will always tell us especially when it is raining that if there is a thunder strike we shouldn’t hold the wall and another funny thing is the “pon pon sound” they will always make when thunder strikes, like it will stop the thunder from striking. But ignorantly many even till now either consciously or unconsciously still make the sound any time there is a thunder strike.

Finally, but not the least is the situation when you came home with your report card and didn’t do well, then your mum picks the report card and she is like you didn’t take after her, she will tell you in her own days she was always coming first or second in class and same thing to all our mothers and father’s told us, and I wonder who takes the last position when our parent came first and second where they just two in the class.

Now, I am grown and fast becoming a mother too, I have come to realize that it was their own way and they shaped the world in their own level of exposure and orientation.

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