Fellow Christians,

I read in the Scripture, one of the church philosophies of Apostle Paul found in the first letter written to the Corinthians (1:10).

It reads “I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose” NLT.

I will like to make the purpose of this writing clear. The “West” has been used to refer to the geographical zone of Nigeria. However, I may dive into the South and East too, but my major focus is on the West.

I am not writing to the political parties in the West, rather, I am writing to the Churches in the region, but I will be using ‘Church’, not ‘Churches’.

There’s no doubt that most of these heavy Churches have their headquarters in the West. Is it RCCG, Winners Chapel, Foursquare, Christ’s Embassy, SCOAN, Deeper Life or Baptist? Most of them reside comfortably in the West with steady income from the “poor” members all over the regions.

Maybe you’re thinking that I am a Muslim, or a traditionalist. Hmm, you’re wrong because I am a Christian, I follow Christ and I believe in Him much more than my doctrinal beliefs. I am a young clergy man by His grace.

I agree and I’m aware that the Western Church is trying her best in assisting the Christians in the North, but these helps are not just enough. What do I mean? Why do we always carry reliefs to these brethren in the North aftermath of killings or any other related occurrence when we can stop them from happening?

For instance, the Southern Kaduna killings is becoming a normal case, and the Church from the West is actually sleeping both in thoughts and actions.

I don’t expect the Northern Church to do anything because they’re bereaved and have suffered many evils from the Boko Haram and Fulani’s Herdsmen. They have burnt their Churches, killed members of their families, butchered their pregnant women and murdered their innocent poor children. I doubt if these Christians can recover from human point of view, but with God, all things are possible.

From the passage quoted above. Paul admonished us to live in harmony with each other. Our harmony is when we can help bear with each other our burdens. However, we should be in harmony with our neighbours too, but in the Southern Kaduna’s case, we need to apply Nehemiah’s theory.

Apostle Paul further urges us not to allow division within us. Sincerely, we have been divided. The Western church is not seeing any reason to hook up with the Northern Church. Neither is the East and the South are interested in unity. We are all bosses of ourselves. When a region is affected negatively, the other region will only act flimsily.

Instead of division, we are advised to be of one mind and purpose and thought. What a pity today that we have different minds towards each other.

The Western Church is strong in all regards and she should have been the one helping and fighting for other regions. The Western Church is wealthy and she has political powers too. The Western Church can speak and Nigeria will shake. The Western Church is recognised in the world, but despite all these, she’s a sleeping church. Not helping and not comforting.

For example, what will cause the Western Church to lead her members to the North for a massive crusade and warnings? What will it cause her to rise and protect her fellows in the North?

In her eyes, her part is being destroyed and the Western Church is enjoying her sleep. The reason is because she faces no problem in the region. She can call for 100 days of powerful vigils and the members will come. Who will dare it in the North? The Western Church can openly observe service and nothing will happen negatively, but that’s a different thing in the North.

This is my headache. Can’t the Western Church rise to guard again? I know it’s because she observe services here freely that is why she is not largely concern with the menace going on in the North.

If the Western Church should experience just one of the numerous attacks on Christians in the North, I believe she will rise.

Should we wait till they kill all our fellows in the North before we do normal?
Or until we have a large crowd for programme, and we will be bombed?

The sleeping Western Church is fast bringing evil to us all. For example, have you thoroughly read the reasons behind Baba Adeboye’s retirement as Nigeria’s RCCG GO? Have you ever objectively meditate on why a cow is much more valuable than a citizen in this country?

The Western Church has brought evil to us and we’re just seeing the Genesis. Sincerely, it is not too late; she should arise from her slumber and act fast.

If the Western Church can just close her eyes and switch off her air condition in the offices and cars, just to act right, of a truth, things will change for better.

I wish the Western Church will rise, even now from her lovely bed.

Let’s go rescue our fellows in the North.

The time is now.

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.

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