The world is populated by people, the work environment is dominated by people not machines, our families is dominated by people, our society is dominated by people, which means we need people to survive or let me say we need each other.

Life is such a great team work. Nobody is insignificant, we are all significant, we are all special. Whether that lesson teacher tutoring ten kids every day or that nurse giving medications to sick patient or the leader who make decisions for the other people. We all need each other to live.

The world will not make any sense if we don’t work with existing global developments. Anyone who wants to create a new cause must first check history for how the ancient people did it.

We all should understand that we need people in our life, we need people to survive, people to uplift us. Everything is easier if we have the right people in our lives.

  1. The True friend. As much as I have written about eliminating insignificant friends who add no value to you. I must also say that we need true friend who comes with a lot of value. Friends who are not deceitful, the friend who will help you become a better person. You need that type of friend who is faithful to you at all times in all things. We need that kind of friend in our life, though it is hard to find, but we must not shy away from the fact that they are needed. Friends, who don’t mock you at your back, but help you with your weaknesses. A lot of the friends we have today will not make known your flaws to you, they will tell other people. Now, how do you hone your flaws and weakness if a friend can’t tell you, but can tell the other people? There is no way you will become better except you are aware, it is your flaws, it is your shit you should know it. When you have no friend like this in your life, there is going to be a gap. You can work towards being that kind of friend, and then you will attract such people to you.


  1. The adviser. We all need that person who can give us true advice in spite of what is in vogue. We need those kinds of people who are vast, they are very sound and they can give you advice. The truth is we are going to be making decisions as individuals, some decisions are tough to make, some decisions you just need someone to advice you. You really need a good adviser in your life, whether you are young or you are old.


  1. The Loyal people. Above all thing, loyalty is a very valuable resource that if we found should be appreciated and cherished. Loyalty is when you are not there and someone can stand for you and take all the hit, someone can stand for you and take all the insult; someone can stand for you to defend you. It is not when something bad is being said about you and your closest ally join them to say “yes, that’s what he is, he is a terrible person.” You don’t need that person who will speak wrong of you. It is ironic that those who know a lot about you are the ones who can use what they know against you. We all need that loyal person in our life.


  1. The one we respect. We all have those kinds of people. The people we respect more than anything, the people who we can always listen to just out of respect. There are some people when they talk to us we just have to abide by the things they say, because we respect them. Respect is an important aspect we should personally strife for, we should personally become a respected human being wherever we find ourselves. Having someone we so much respect will caution us from making more errors; it will help us to feel more accountable.


  1. We have the Partner in fun. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We need those kinds of people we can share our time with for fun sake. Now, don’t get it wrong. I know a lot of people who smoke weed just because the kinds of people they share fun with are the wrong people. We all need to catch fun ones in a while. If you catch fun with drinkers, you do everything they do. If you catch fun with someone who just want to go to an island, maybe Virgin Island for fun. So the kind of people you choose to share your fun time with will influence the kind of things you do for fun. Most people get it wrong when it comes to having fun, and the reason still boils down to people.


  1. The Ones who inspires us. We should all have the people who inspire us to action. Their success gives us inspiration to succeed. It could be your parents, it could be your partner, it could be your spiritual leaders, and it could be anybody. We should have that kind of person in our life, this people are similar to the advisers, just that this ones don’t need to speak before they inspire us, this ones inspire others people with their actions and behaviours.


  1. The ones who pray for us. Some of us depend solely on our spiritual leader which is good; we need them in our life for spiritual empowerment. Then, we need people we know are always praying for us even if we don’t pray for ourselves. The people who pray for you are those people who loves you or the people you’ve helped in a way or another. Either way we need the people we can trust to pray for us.


  1. We need our loved ones. Love conquers all, have we not been told? If you find yourself in deep shit and then you have no one to love you, you will certainly feel alone, you feel left, and you feel void. The world is built on love; we need our loved ones in our life. We live in a world where peace has become a luxury; even if the world suffers peace, you should not have to suffer from the lack of love ones. We should invest in our loved ones and they should invest in us too, because when no one is there, they will be the only one to stand with us.


  1. The real people. The reason why I have some people in my life is because of their realness, they are uniquely real. They are not fake, so they don’t fake anything. You know it is hard to find people who are real. And if there is anything I cherished is the fact that I have a lot of real people around me. These ones don’t hide words in their tongue, they are not destroyers, they talk real sense in a way to make you become a better person. They don’t rubbish you to destroy you, they tell you what is to make your life better. Note that there are some self-proclaimed real people, they think they are real, but they are just full of stupid shit. In this one life, find people who are real.


  1. The ones who always says the truth. If everyone is not saying the truth, they let you know the truth. This people think differently, even if you will kill them, they will tell you the truth. The truth is hard, the truth hurts, but they still have the courage to tell you the truth no matter your status or position. We need people like this to stop us from doing the wrong things. People like this are also rare, they are very hard to find. But one person who tells you the truth among one million is enough.

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