As you may know, education is very important in every child’s life, and its importance cannot be shrugged off. That is why Mrs Tonto Dikeh has invests in the education of Children. It is her dream to ensure that as many children as possible get education.

The Tonto Dikeh Foundation’s “#BackToSchool project for the year 2017” has been greatly inspired by Mrs Tonto Dikeh’s son coming of age to start school and the pain millions of children who would probably miss out on such privilege ravages her mind hence, the President of the foundation, Mrs Tonto Dikeh-Churchill has declared to Sponsor 1000 Youths/Children through The #Backtoschool Project.‎

Since the inception of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation, she continuously strive to find ways  to impact in the lives of the less privileged, most especially the children w‎hich is why this new year 2017,  the Tonto Dikeh back to school project has been specially put together to sponsor impoverished kids, change their lives permanently by giving them an education… which will not only protect their future.

A lot of these children have been told over and over again that they would amount to nothing, because they are poor and uneducated! And we all know that without an education, these children are at risk of being exploited, pushed into child marriage, and become a lower income-earning individuals in the society with no hope for a brighter future! The Tonto Dikeh back to school project is committed to change their stories and give these children a fighting chance at life by empowering them with an education to become future leaders and secure a better future for themselves as they get older.

What better way for our nation to grow, than to have educated future leaders who will be instrumental in making our nation stand tall again.

The Tonto Dikeh foundation believes that every child is of infinite value and if they’re given the right tools, mentorship and most importantly an education, they will indeed have a brighter future.

In the first quarter, 200 pupil has been awarded scholarship at Karamajiji, Abuja and in February more secondary school leavers will be supported at the JTI2017 valentine empowerment program cum Feb 14th in Alimosho (The Biggest local govt in Lagos state) .‎