The best thing comes to those who are willing to go after their dreams, it comes to those who are willing to say I want this thing and I am going to get it.

It all comes down to doing, it comes down to putting the work. You tell yourself right now that you are doing, but you still have to go the extra mile. You need to be the best in your game, that only happens by doing what your rivals aren’t doing.

You need to start to think differently, thinking different will set you apart, it will keep you in the game for the long term. Thinking and doing things differently will elevate you to become that respected figure, it will elevate you to reach your goals.

Someone says, the best way to know if you are doing it wrong is if you are on the side of the majority. Being on the side of the majority will get you no closer to your goals, it will not get you closer to your dreams. Take a look at the crowd, take a look at everybody doing it the same way, you need to change something.

Everybody do it the same way and everybody get same results. What you will get when you do things differently will be something that will be of more advantage to you, because you are the only one doing it or it is only a few of you.

Do not let anyone tell you talent is not important, talent is very fundamental. Do not take away two things from your life; talent and hard work. Those two things will set you apart, those two things will help you to become the man you visualise.

Talent is something that is unique, something you can do better than the crowd, talent is a gift you are always excited about. Now, some people have the talent but they get lazy, the Talent is their, laziness will not allow it to manifest.

Take a look at the best talents in the world today, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, Chritiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt. They all have talent, but their work ethic is so incredible. They put in the hard work, imagine yourself (sixty of you) competing with this four people, do you have any chance of winning? Absolutely no, because your Talent and hard work don’t match their talent and hard work. They’ve been able to nurture their talent and also work hard.

Investing in yourself by doing the things that will always take you a step closer to your dreams is what you need, talk will not get you any closer, it is those who do that go far. People who talk about the things they want to do are those who have a lot of regret.

You complain about not having time to nurture your Talent, you complain school does not give you the time to nurture your gifts, you complain about the things not giving you time, but you’ve never thought of setting aside a time out of the twenty four hours to nurture it.

Some of you boast about that you sleep for five hours, six hours, seven hours, you feel good that you don’t sleep too much. Note I am not advocating that you sleep away your life, my point is what do you do with rest of of the 16,17,18 hours that you are not sleeping? What stupid things are you complaining about?

It suck when I hear people complain and also talk about how busy they are, but no result. It is not healthy when you complain about being too busy with things that don’t give you happiness. You need to write a manifesto of our you want your life to go.

You need to be in charge of your life,when you are not in charge you take in all kinds of rubbish and junks, but when you are in charge you don’t take bullshit, when people feel angry for it, you feel good about it, because your have a plan.

You can be anything you want to be only if you are willing to believe in you, invest in your Talent and put in the hard work. We are not working hard enough if we are not getting our desired result, the result you are getting should determine whether you are doing it enough, if no result, you are not doing it enough.

Let the blows and pains life has cause you, motivate you. Let it inspire you to wake up everyday feeling positive and believing in yourself that one day is going to be your day.

Their is no such thing has overnight success, the most successful people in the world didn’t get there in a night, it took years of sleeping late and waking up early doing things that get them a step closer to their dream. They do things, and the life they have today is the result. Which is why it is good for you to dream big, the bigger the dream, the more the work.

Live an exceptional life by understand the law that govern work, our work ethic need to be exceptional, because we still have the strength, we have the energy. By the time you are 80 you are going to want to do somethings, but the strength will not be there, but then you will be happy and say I did a lot when I was a youth.

Live a life that will minimize or give you no regrets when you look back at ninety, let your life be charged towards a cause. You need to set a path for yourself and focus in doing things that let you wake up feeling good and productive everyday.

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