Some years back, a group of researchers tested some bees by putting them in a jar placed in a dark room. The researchers however did make the bottom of the jar lit while the lid was open.

The bees instinctively followed the light and were hitting had at the bottom of the jar intermittently till they all died. This same experiment was however reframed for a group of houseflies who got out few hours to the time they were put to into the Jar.

It’s a fact that bees are more intelligent and organised than the houseflies, but their instinct proved them wrong that light does not always mean freedom and even it does, we don’t always play it hard and square, sometimes it might be soft and round.

You may be very intelligent and brilliant yet your perception may doom you to fail and miss it. The instincts are not always the winning force. In the Animal Kingdom, even the prey that’s being caught depends on its instinct while the predator the same.

Having a ritualistic habit, rigid lifestyle or disciplinarian approach to life doesn’t mean that’s the gold plaited route to success. Even a gut-instinct feeling about an investment or risky enterprise doesn’t give it the assurance of being the real deal.

We must sometimes learn to be foolish like the housefly, defying laid down principles and fundamentals, sometimes backward and a little brutish, not following the light (fake light), knowing our weaknesses, retracing our steps and being flexible to change which is regarded as the only thing constant in life.