Money is one of the most important commodities we need to survive, it is owned by a few who understand the secret to making money work for them.

Money is like time, it does not sleep, it does not make noise, it makes and breaks. While you are sleeping, money is there staring at you, it does not care whether you are tired or whether you work your ass off.

The key to wealth should be taught in school if it was possible, but the truth is there is no course like how to get rich in school, if there is a course like that everyone will enrol for it. But the hard truth is money work for those who have the wisdom.

  1. Do what makes you happy. There are too many people who are currently working at a job they hate. It is very important that you do what get you excited every day, what makes you want to jump out of your bed happily. Doing what makes you happy will drive you to succeed financially. It is not that simple as it is presented here, but it is most important. You should not jump into something, because your friend or colleague tells you to do it.
  2. Be in charge. You have to be in charge of your destiny and do what you can have control of. Doing what you can control will make it easier and effective for you to make money. Don’t go into marketing if you know nothing about it, don’t say blogging is making money so I must go into blogging; you have to focus on what you can control. If you don’t know much about a thing you won’t be able to make it there, and it will frustrate you.
  3. Have more than one stream of income. You should understand that in this present economic challenged world, one stream of income will not give you your desired financial freedom, but multiple stream of income will do that.
  4. Don’t be a consumer, be a creator. Consuming things will only stress you the more. When you create things, it has a way of giving you a lasting happiness. Look around you; the ones who are rich and happy are mostly people who create.
  5. Watch less of TV. If you are not making enough money you need to get rid of your television now. If you are not in the path of financial freedom you need to watch less of TV. What the TV does to you is that it wastes your time and you are only consuming the content there and it is not making you a dime. So be wise, the decision is in your court to make.
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