Fellow Nigerians,

May I start by asking the common street question about Nigeria, “how e b na?”

Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti was not a religious prophet, rather, he was a political one. In a simplest form, a prophet is that man that have relationship with God. Whether the Abami Eda was “religious” is not my problem, all I know is that “God is the God of All flesh, and He’s in the best condition to decide man’s final home”.

I have read many works about Fela, and of course, I do listen to his songs very well. I must confess that I love his stand and philosophies about Nigerian politics. Fela spoke against the wicked acts of the government of his time. He was imprisoned, and even lost his dearly beloved mother. In one of his songs, Abami Eda sings… “dey kill my mama” ! In his strong will, he took the corpse to the government, which they reluctantly accepted. He sings… ” den no wan take am, buh den take”!

The sad part is this, some of these persons he mentioned then are still alive today ruling us directly and indirectly. Those wicked souls that suffered Fela for speaking against them are still walking in our streets today.

When I recount Fela’s history with the Nigeria Government, I feel sorry just as he sang… “Sorry, sorry o, I sorry for Africa, I sorry for Nigeria”.

I am of the opinion that a nation like Nigeria deserves better treatment from her government. But this has always being my question. What’s wrong with our Nigeria? I do further ask that Who’s actually to be blamed? The government or the citizens?

In 2015, Nigerians were to elect who to lead them. The masses were made to support the idea that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration was too corrupt and he should be voted out. Many Nigerians were cowbelled with this political excessive fallacy. Personally, I would have prefer that my friend, GEJ shouldn’t have contested because I knew how deep his oppositions had brain washed the grass root people, but, he has a constitutional right to seek reelection ! I’m glad he followed his mind anyway, and I’m happy he peacefully handed over power.

I am of the opinion that if truly GEJ government was the most corrupt ever, then the one chosen should be much more better than him. I am still of the opinion that, if GEJ weaknesses were actually seen and noted by the Change ambassadors, then, when given power, they should have done pretty better. But, reverse remains the case.

I remember during the electioneering process, my fellow Hausas came up with the slogan “Change Doley” which is been interpreted as “Compulsory Change.” I remember that APC then were echoing the slogan everywhere they campaigned. In Lagos, it was “APC, Change Jonathan. This virus easily got penetrated into most persons heart and even many pulpits turns to campaign grounds for Change.

In my write ups against this administration, I have always say that I don’t hate his Excellency, the President of the Federal Government of Nigeria, i only don’t believe in his political prowess. Mr. President has never been a democrat, and he won’t either. That’s my opinion.

Many chanted Change! Change!! Change!!! But we never actually highlighted where we want the Change, and the concept of the Change actually.

Like I posited earlier, Nigeria deserves the best. If truly GEJ was weak, clueless and corrupt. Then GMB should be strong, full of clues and not corrupt ! But, what are we seeing now in our land? So, I ask again, my guy how e b?

In GEJ “cluelessness,” a litre of kerosene wasn’t N300. A litre of petrol wasn’t N145. The US Dollar rate wasn’t of this nature. A bag of rice wasn’t #22,000. The electricity was not this low ! In his weaknesses, he made education top priority ! He bought weapons for our soldiers ! Journalists were not threatened or arrested ! The masses had rights to express their opinions and no one was deprived of his/her right constitutionally.

I read a statement credited to Dr. Bukola Saraki, saying that “he has never seen suffering of this magnitude in Nigeria before” ! I don’t know if he actually said that. However, the statement is true ! Late last year, Chief John Oyegun says that “APC made mistakes and that they’ve observed it and are ready to correct them”.

In the present situation of our land. There are so many issues that are eyesore. Pretense of the highest order from the Federal Government. Lies, deceptions and many other inhumane evils are heavily seen in this APC led government.

I remember that Mr. President has spoken against foreign medical trips. He sees it as corruption ! But as at today, he has made two already. I only pray that God will keep him for us and his family. I also remember that Mr. President once said “he is for every body” ! But this is very untrue !

For instance, I expected the President to have visited Southern Kaduna in person base on his philosophy. I expected him to have addressed the nation base on the present struggles we’re all passing through. Mr. Lai Muhammed is busy lying to us. Nigerians are not informed and there’s a fear that we may wake up one day and see that Nigeria is officially sold. I expect Mr. President to objectively address the IPOB nation, not harassing them in a systemic way.

Sincerely, Nigerians didn’t suffered these under the “clueless” GEJ! And Nigerians don’t deserve such ! We deserve better treatment. Better education, electricity, security, food, hospitals and many other goodies ! We don’t deserve a government that blames former leaders including the dead !

As it stands now in the streets… Nigerians are already saying “Change the Change”. The masses have now realized what the real Change is all about. We have now see that APC could mean All Promises Council. Their slogan, Change could even mean Chain ! Many citizens are frustrated ! Now, a political savior is highly needed in Nigeria. Our land need liberators ! From the look of things, this present administration have no solutions to proffer ! They will rather shift their attention to 2019, which by then, it would had been late.

I have advised this APC led government to search beyond their party. Their economic team is too weak, yet, they’re not seeing it. It’s like their major men are stiff necked souls. For the God’s sake, a nation of Dele Momodu, Prof. Pat Utomi, Sam Adeyemi, Poju Oyemade, Prof. Akinwunmi, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Aliko Dangote, Fola Adeola and several others should not be in a mess of these quantity. I understand the fact that, these souls are not saints, they have weaknesses, yet, their exposures and young age factor will help us greatly. These guys are educated, “young”, relevant and loaded with ideas. They are digital guys ! Nigeria don’t deserve an outdated ideas in this century anymore.

I will pause here by saying this, never say that this administration have not spent a term, and we’re criticizing them ! My opinion for you is this, they have been in power since 1999, only few had not ! So, they know the system much more better. I believe, they knew what governance is all about… Serving and providing solutions !

I join the masses to echo Change the Change!

I join the elites to say Nigeria deserves better governance, not this !

God bless Nigeria !

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.