Many people will agree that jogging is a rhythmic movement that requires balance and sometimes a little of residual energy. Music also is a rhythmic and can stimulate the brain in its little way at least it enters through the ear-gate.

However, Music can be very useful at times as it mostly works for boredom for me, makes me sleep and sometimes it’s a background companion during work. Getting music to stimulate is at the core of almost everyone, we believe music should be a very dominant aspect of our lives because almost every action we take is kind of rhythmic that’s why we have choices of some songs at different times.

Moreover, whenever we choose to jog, we employ some rhythmic movement which sometimes gets so innate that we forget we’re even doing it with our brain. This maybe from some rhythm playing in our sensory make up which is a bit reasonable to believe it’s so.

Jogging with music is not too bad as it sometimes build alertness and build the sensory call up which make us reasonably ready to conclude whatever task we set for ourselves. A person like me will be able to focus with music than without music, my brain kind of have a sifting ability that can make the music go to the background while my head go empty and blank giving in to other sensory attractions like smell and touch.

For people who jog very early in the morning before dawn; 4:00am – 5:00am. It might be a little unsecure jogging with very loud music. I once almost thread on a dead snake while jogging (I didn’t know the snake was dead until the second day) so scared was I that I ran back. Also at predawn, some crazy night drivers also drive with less care presuming the morning should be clear with nobody on the drive way and sometimes our eyes might not be able to give away the truth instead we might be carried away with the bass.

So its left to you to or not to use music while you jog, especially if your route is through the woods.