Last year, I attended a conference where Ibukun Awosika was speaking about starting up and running your own company. She said if you are a medical doctor and you decided to open an hospital you are no longer a doctor you are now an entrepreneur, you are a journalist and you decided to start your own media organization you are no longer a journalist, you are a business owner, an entrepreneur.

The moment you decide to do your own thing, that moment is when the game changed for you and it is not as easy like being an employee. In fact maintaining an employee status is easier than becoming an entrepreneur, because it is hard, but liberating at the same time.

Most people who go into business as a newbie don’t really know that they are no longer a journalist, engineer, doctor, employee, you are now an entrepreneur.

You have a list of things and people to attend to, you have to understand every aspect of the business, accounting, customer, market, everything. You work mostly around the clock, especially in your early days.

Most of us young entrepreneurs, we think starting a business is a gateway to be lazy, hell no. To run a business means doubling your hustle, it means working harder than your friends who don’t have a business of their own.

Some of us are scared of going totally in, you want to be an entrepreneur and you want to be an employee at the same time. You have to be in or out, if you are working for someone or you are working at a job, you are not an entrepreneur.

Everyone, I mean majority of young people in this crazy tech world want to be identified as an entrepreneur. You put it on your social media account, but let me tell you something, their is a big difference in wanting to be entrepreneur, being an entrepreneur and going all in running your own business.

It just doesn’t work, if you have a job, you are an employee, if you run your own company or business, you are an entrepreneur.

In today’s world, young entrepreneurs need to understand that the market is the most important aspect of your business, you might develop a product you so much like and if the market don’t like your product you are screwed, because it is the market that decide, they are the ones who need the product.

I wish I knew what I know now two years ago. I mean entrepreneurship gives you an open mind, it gives you an opportunity to learn something new day by day. Their are some things I now know about business that I do not know two years ago and the learning just drives me.

When I started I knew nothing, and I was also still parading myself as an employee of other media organizations, going about with my journalist status not bringing that entrepreneur into dominance, but along the line listening to Awosika’s address, because I recorded it on my phone and listening to other big entrepreneurs the game changed for me. I woke up to the reality of what it means to be an entrepreneur and I decided to just go all in and stick to my discoveries.

See, you will want to give up, in fact you will give up, but don’t give up. As much as that sentence sound complicating that is how it is when you startup. I have contemplated about giving up and I have given up on somethings, I learned and move forward, but I don’t give up. And I would never give up, which is why I am telling you you are going to have to push.

Don’t give up even if you are making 2cent or 2naira, while you want to give up because you are making 3cent or five naira, some people are driven because they are able to make 1naira.

Build a structure, build a system that works and last long. Another vital thing I have learned and it has been part of my philosophy as an entrepreneur. When you build a system, even when you are not around or when the company becomes big, the system will make the business works.

As a young entrepreneur, you have to be practical at some point, if you say you want to make N500,000 you should know you must do what will give you the result of N500,000 it is that simple, let your mouth match your action, some of us just talk into the air and hope for it to happen out of nowhere, you wish, but you are going to be the one to make it happen. Waiting for some external force to make it happen will only limit you, because that is not how things work.

Lastly, use what you have, start where you are, even if you are in the middle of nowhere, start. A lot of great company’s in the world today started from the bedroom, Google, Microsoft, even Facebook started in a dorm room at Harvard, Boston. Where you start has nothing to do with what you become, stop giving yourself an excuse and start.

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