You may want to ask, what is potential? it is simple. Potential is an hidden ability that exist in every human beings. It will not be an under statement that “Potential” is verisimilitude to “Talent”.

Do you know that there is an hidden treasure in every human being that needs to be unleash to the outside world.

Come to think of it, there are some people who are extra ordinary in what they do and you will want to wonder how come they are doing it so well than others. The answer is not far fetched, it is because they have discovered their hidden Potentials.

It bothers my heart when I see young people wake up in the morning and not knowing what to do; is that not funny and unheard of? But lots of this young people live with such thoughts everyday.

Let me take a clue from a man of God Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Academy where he said while others are yet to discover what they will do for the day, he had discovered what he will do for the rest of his life. Wonderful! now tell me, does he has more than the same 24hours every human being has? Certainly “No”. It is because he has discovered the potentials in him.

It may interest you to know that ‘All fingers are equal’ when it comes to TIME. That is not the topic for today but I promise to bring you that details soonest so that you will know that there is no excuse for failure.

The following are keys to the effective release of the wealth of your potential.

1. You must know your source. Source is the foundation from which your existence started from. To know the full capacity of any product, you need to look for the product’s manufacturer. God is our manufacturer. To utilize and effectively maximize your potential, you must have a good relationship with God. Why? Because He alone knows what He had in mind when creating you. He created you for a purpose, that purpose is a seed placed inside of you known as potential. You may know your potential, you may know your gift, you may know your ability, you may know what to do to be fulfilled but if you don’t know your source (God), I pray our effort will not be in vain. Unless you establish a relationship with God, you have no hope of releasing your potential.

2. Know your purpose. Purpose is the reason of creation, the reason behind action. When you know the purpose of a thing, that thing becomes valuable to you but not knowing the purpose of something, you abuse such thing. This is why some ladies are being abused sexually because they don’t know the value placed on them.
Before you were born, God had a plan and a purpose for your life. For the purpose to be fulfilled, He builds some special abilities inside of you to accomplish everything He created us for.

3. Understand your resources. A producer knows the types of resources needed for his product to perform correctly and efficiently. The creator (God) has provided the needed materials to fulfil what He created us for. We must be sensitive enough to locate these resources and use it for the benefit of others around us.

4. Work on your potential. Your potential will not be release until you take your thoughts, plans and imaginations and put them into action. Give your potential some responsibilities to fulfill its purpose. You must work to unleash your hidden potential.

5. Cultivate your potential. Gardeners know that weeds often grow faster than vegetables. You need to cultivate your life carefully to remove the influences and stimulants that seek to stunt your potential or kill it completely. Seek those people who are positive and encouraging, stay away from activities that is not adding positive values to your life. Proper cultivation will enable you to meet the full responsibilities that God planned for your life.

6. Guard your potential. Most gardeners have experienced the frustration and the disappointment that occur when rabbits, insects, or birds destroy carefully cultivated plants. To guard your potential, some measures have to be in place. Measures like being diligence, dreams, right attitude, positive people, and realistic plans.

7. Share your potential. Potential is given for the benefit of many, not for the benefit of one.