Only Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak come up in history as founders of Apple but they were actually three.

Many think Apple was a 50/50 per cent partnership between Jobs and Wozniak at the beginning of the company but it wasn’t so. Apple actually started at Pal Alto in California in 1976. Ronald Wayne was in his 40’s when he met Jobs who was actually 20 at that time. Jobs and Wayne both work for Atari, but Jobs cherishes the way Wayne articulates plus Wayne articulate plus He was the most experienced, Wozniak was 26 working for HP but still young too.

According to Wozniak, “Wayne designed Apple’s first logo and wrote their partnership pact” (Paraphrased). Apple however wasn’t Wayne’s first adventure but was Jobs and Wozniak’s so he knew when a company is bound to fail and believed Apple was due to the fact that they were running into debt.

Wayne believed Jobs and Wozniak were “Having a tiger by the tail” when they outsourced their first order with a loan of $15000 to deliver to a bad refuted computer store called “byte.”

Wayne left Apple three months into the business and 12 days into the company’s registration leaving the two wild young entrepreneurs to the peril of the business world. Wayne sold his 10% shares in the company for just $800 to pay his debtors from one of his failed enterprise (likely a partnership too).

Jobs and Wozniak weren’t devastated by his exit as they were concentrating on delivery their first order to the store, which they did and was successful.

Wayne however believes “if I had stayed with Apple, I probably would have wound up the richest man in the cemetery” According to popular news media analysis, if Wayne would be worth over $30 billion today. Wayne was Apple cofounder for just 12 days, he’s now in his 80’s and still hale and hearty.

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