The man who dream is a man who wants more out of life. It is important that we all dream, dream is a gate way to all greatness. Having a dream give birth to all good things, because we all dream good dreams for ourselves and our loved ones.

The dream is a spirit on it own, it is a spirit that motivates you when you are in the process pursuing your dreams, the dream is a spirit, because only you can see it for yourself.

Do not let anybody tell you that your dreams are not valid, no matter how big or how small it may be, your dream is hundred percent valid.

All greatness starts with a dream, look at the most successful people in the world, look at the greatest country I’m the world. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Muhammed Ali, these are men who had big dreams for their life.

The greatest country in the world achieve their greatness first by dreaming, America has the American dream, look at Dubai they have a dream for their country, look at Britain, they all have a dream.

The poorest countries in the world have no unique dream, the worst countries in the world do not have a dream. It is ironic.

Some people will argue that you should only have goals, I am telling you that all this things work together, dreams, goals, vision, purpose, ambition, they are all important and every man who seeks success need to understand it.

Muhammed Ali said he was the greatest boxer in the world, before he became the greatest boxer. You have to see it, people who dream visualize it. It will not happen until you see it, it does not work that way. No one will see it for you if you don’t see it for yourself. And it is nobody’s fault if you do not see it.

The dream is significant to your success as a young person, young people have more advantage to dream more than the adult, because we are young and we have the strength to do.

It does not stop with having a dream, you need to “work your ass off.” You need to work very hard, all those success stories you read about, you were not their for the last 20,30 years they’ve waking up early building their dream, working hard to make sure it comes alive.

If you want your dreams to come alive, hard work is the number one rule. If you can’t work hard, you can’t have it.