Fellow Christians,

I will start this part two by appreciating you for your feed backs as regards the Part one. Like I wrote in the previous part, I am not attacking any Church or Christian personality, but in case anybody or Church sees this article as being offensive, such should adjust and make his/her way straight again.

I have taken my time to read through the whole book of the Activities of the Apostles. I have done this times without number and I have never seen where there were “Apostles of humours” in the Church. As a student of biblical history, I have done researches on how the early Apostles built the early churches, but what I discovered was that they did it with teaching, preaching, prayers, benevolence, and miracles flows through God on their side. In fact, God added to the Church that started with the number of about one hundred and twenty.

But, vast contrary to this principle is what we have today in most of our Churches. The Church cannot organise a programme without incorporating a certain comedian. As I write, large percentage of Pentecostal Churches cannot gather people without featuring comedians on the “show”. This norm has now gained access into the so called “orderly” churches too. I am referring to the Orthodox sect of the Christian body. The likes of Baptists, Methodists, Anglicans and even indegeneos Churches like the Celestials and CAC are guilty of this evil !

I consider this act evil, because the Church suppose not to be a secular gathering, even though its found herself in this world. May I say this, I do not have any hatred for any comedian, they are great guys and I enjoy some of their jokes. Personally, I’m “comfortable” with Klint d Drunk, Gordons, Akpororo and Seyi Law. I like others too, but incorporating these guys into worship services is where the problem lies. For example, I saw a Church poster, and guess what the topic was; “Breaking the evil pot”. This programme features a comedian here in Benin City. And I smiles, because I knew that Satan too would smile at their spiritual insensitivity of both the daddy and the ignorant flocks. I suppose that should be a deliverance programme, yet, comedy was included.
Sincerely, that would be a plus for Satan to operate because people would not be seriously involved in the normal session, expect for the comedy mood. This I tagged evil in the Church.

Let us ask ourselves few questions, why should there be comedians on the altar? What is the purpose (s) of altar? Why are our daddies in the Lord bringing comedians to their pulpits? To be candid, you and I know that the reasons are faulty.

Comedians are people that crake jokes, and they can do such without restriction on anybody or organisation. For example, it is no longer news that our pastors are the laughing point for these comedians. In fact, our precious Holy Spirit has lost value in their hands, not even our worthy Bible. The unique gift of the Spirit also has lost taste too. Yet, I have watch our sparkling “spiritual” daddies laughing off their asses on altar while comedians cracks jokes. Oh ! My Jesus Christ !

I must say this, a comedian can be a Christian, yes, a very committed one. He can be a Sunday school teacher, but, not to crack jokes on the altar. Outside the Church, he can perform his work, but within, no. A Church is not a stage ground as the congregation is not the audience ! They’re two different things.

A Church can organise a social programme and bring in comedians, that is not an issue, but bringing them to the altar of God to crack jokes is evil !

To answer the question I earlier raised, the purpose of bringing in comedians to Church programmes is to attract members, since the Church has failed in Mission work. The secular world gathers people for shows and they entertain them. Church wasn’t established to entertain, rather, she is to equip and edify which is much more better. Church needs to rise from her slumber and send out this evil.

In addition, ask most members that attended any spiritual programme which features comedians the topic. You’ll be shocked with the answers you’ll get, but ask about the jokes been cracked, and every pin of the joke will be roped for you. My dear reader, isn’t that evil in the Church?

The second evil in the Church is the availability of “societies” in the Christian Church today. Initially, this would had not being IF it purposes were maintained, but it is a sorry case today that the purposes of having these societies has been lost in most Churches today. Though, it is common in the Orthodox sect, the members are being grouped to meet up needs. Teach and have fellowship together with the hope that it’ll foster the growth and development of the Church, but today, reverse is the case as these societies are now purely competitive in nature. In fact, some sees themselves as first class members, while some are regarded as low or no class members in the Church of Christ. It is no longer news that most of the societies now operates like the secular ones and the Church have no say on it. This act I consider evil because it is giving the Church of Christ a different name outside.

Besides, members are more commited to their societies much more than Church. They know about their societal activities, but not conversant with the Church. By ourselves, the Church of Christ is dilapidating and we see no urgency to act ! The Church of Christ is now secularly oriented because of the advent of these societies.

How I wish they’ll be scrapped because most members has now turned carnal, finding dues to pay instead of tithes and offerings. Their mood of worship is hindered and our spiritual daddies ain’t concern.

I will like to conclude this part by saying this, it is never too late to correct these errors. The evil can be sent away IF we are ready. We need to get it straight. Church is not a club house for the saints, but a clinic for the sick !

May the Lord help our daddies to see these evils and amend. And as for me, I’m sold out to Christ and I stand by Him alone. He is my Fortress and my Shield.

May the Lord be with His Church.

I write from Sabongidda
Ora, Owan West region, Edo State.

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