She ran with a thousand feet
We thought she was angry
For her her breathe was not warm today
Yes it was never
But today was not better
She was on a run to the mountains
Those in the valley never really knew
They thought she came for them
But we could see her lousy brother
Fuming again
If it is at her or at us we know not
Not that his white flashing teeth can lighten
But we could see fragment of ourselves through the crack
We know not why she ran
But we heard her footsteps up above our ceilings
Running but not moving
But that’s how she runs
With her lean long legs falling free from firmament
This time she brought her white clothes to the mountain
Changing and spreading down the valley
We all saw it unfold
And became blind to our very self
Can we do a thing?
There just wait till her fury recede
Her brother no longer trouble her
He left in rage
But she stayed and her footprints still remain
Till she choose to run again

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