In case you have ever wondered if serious partnerships ever happens in this group, this post is for you…

This morning, I woke up to the news that Mothers’ Delivery Kit is approved for use at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), the biggest facility in Rivers State, where we will now be supplying thousands of kit in partnership with the Centre for Women’s Health and Adolescent Development (CWHAD)

Few minutes after, we received confirmation that our kits arrived Ghana, ready to be introduced to a new region there in partnership with Fit2Push Africa.

Let me tell you what’s interesting about these news, both events were facilitated by two friends, sisters, now business partners, one from Nigeria, the other from Ghana, who I met right here in this group

Helen the CEO of CWHAD worked tirelessly to ensure the kits received approval at UBTH while Sistope, CEO of Fit2Push, Ghana, was relentless in her quest to ensure women in rural Ghana access the right supplies they need at childbirth.

These two events made me reflect on the early days of Mothers Delivery Kit, our progress so far and how partnerships are ensuring a greater quality of life and safe delivery for women across communities in Africa.

On starting…
1. Ignore excuses: Trust me, we’ve got countless reasons not to start something. From funds, to background, the acquiring needed training. In fact, it is more convenient to sit and do nothing than to figure out working ideas around falling structures like we have in many of our countries.

On progress…
2. You may feel like you are crawling when you should have been walking or that you are walking when you should have been running. While challenging yourself is great, always remind yourself that movement is progress. Celebrate every little drop that caused a ripple. Understand that where you are is not a permanent location or finals destination and the fact that you are moving at all is progress.

On Expansion…
3. Many times when thinking expansion and partnerships, we think of the big names ignoring or conveniently forgetting that the big names were once small and struggling and that what we seek is right before us, only if we open our mind and our heart to others. Imagine if I had ignored the chat of Helen or Sistope. Always remember that when we come together, we reach our goals faster.

Finally, this is what life is about. The partnerships we build, the people we empower, the support we provide others and the overall growth we ensure for our communities.

Keep pushing!

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