I know we’ve been talking about giving women opportunities while encouraging us to be bold for change but last Saturday, I had the most bizarre encounter with a fellow woman.

So a friend invited me to participate in the filming of a business series as one of the panellists. It was to take place at 10am prompt and by 9:30am, the cameramen and all the panellists were ready but that’s when the whole drama started.

The anchor or moderator who was a young woman, considered to be afinancial expert and fully paid for her role in the filming refused to show up at 10am and then began making a series of inordinate demands.

First she said she needed clothing options and the organisers had to run around looking for fashion stylists.

Next she requested for a hair stylist and me, with my Ghana weaving sat right there, watching the producers commence the hunt for a hairstylist.

Time check, 12:45pm

The moderator was STILL missing only for her to request for a make up artist to come beat her face up in her house because she’s unwilling to step out without make up.


Of course it was only a matter of time before this woman became a standard against which other hardworking and respectful women were measured. The other panellist and everyone soon began making comments about how it was difficult working with a woman, how a man would never have asked for a barber or even a fashion stylist…

At that point, I’ve had enough. I couldn’t believe I deprived myself of a good Saturday’s sleep, left my husband’s birthday and my 11 months old son to go meet up with a spoilt lady throwing tantrums…

As I left the venue, I kept on thinking about the failed filming, the celebrity anchor and my experience. Three lessons came to mind:

1. If you are fortunate enough in life to achieve a little success, never ever think you are better than others. Help others succeed because it is the right thing to do. It does not take God more than a second to put down one and lift up another.

2. People make people and respect for others is not even negotiable.

3. A little bit of success or progress has a way of changing people and letting them have a huge disconnect to the past realities they have lived. The fact that you are now called a queen by everyone doesn’t mean you are the queen of England. Don’t even deceive yourself.

To thy own self, be true…