Have you ever found yourself in situation whereby you asked your dream girl out or ask her to be in a relationship with you and she says she’s taken,…. What do you do?


Most guys have this one girl they base all of their infatuations on and they love and care about. What if you have a child hood friend who has been your companion, but you happen to like him or her but you don’t know how to share your feelings.


So when your dream girl says no, and she happens to be your best friend, do you just move on or you keep pestering her. Most times, the rejection can cause a friction in your friendship for a while so what do you do?


If you are a guy, before you ask a girl out, you should have seen some pointers, some build up in her response to you. But most times as guys, we also misinterprete signals and think they are pointers to a girl like us but they might just be mere friendship response and reaction to friendly gestures.


How do you then cope with rejection? Most times guys check inwardly and go down memory lane thinking on their status and maybe they are not good enough. A man always feel a sense of pride and purpose before meeting any girl, that’s why you feel a sense of swag before meeting a girl. It’s natural, the same goes to animals.


Rejection burst your bubble and gives you a discord and makes your sense of accomplishment baseless. What you need to know about rejection is that it’s nothing, it doesn’t define you. You need to either move on or just keep showing friendly gestures towards her.


The major problem is that you haven’t define your feelings towards her since a long while, that should have helped a bit. But what will be will be, if the feeling is mutual, you will get her one day if you don’t give up.


Nowadays, guys shouldn’t be the only ones asking girls out, according to Simi – “I go shoot by shot” meaning a girl can also be the one to shoot first, but the trend is just growing, so guys who get girls to ask them out should always remember to give them a positive feedback.


But according to D’banj the popular Nigerian music legend – “Don’t get it twisted – Love is a beautiful thing.” So don’t loathe any rejection, just keep loving, keep caring, keep smiling, don’t let the rejection get to you, just feel indifferent at first, but later, let the love keep driving you.