5 Things you should stop worrying about in 2017

The year is gradually moving, some are still celebrating new year while some others are grinding and getting result since day one. We are in the second week. The clock will never ever wait for you, the calendar will keep flipping, it does not care about your opinion or your worries. So we’ve listed the

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5 Fashion trends to expect in 2017

The year 2016 was a great year in the fashion world, the bomb from an overall comeback of cold shoulders to crazy necklines, of course, with a new year comes even more fashion. The fashion predictors have picked out fashion trends that will be huge in 2017, and I think if these styles are what’s

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Ahead of 2017, many people are preparing so well as to what they want to do and what they wish to achieve in the coming year, some even call it “my new year resolution” but above all, we all want to do better in the coming year than we might have done this year. Especially

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