The 10 Types of people you need in your life

The world is populated by people, the work environment is dominated by people not machines, our families is dominated by people, our society is dominated by people, which means we need people to survive or let me say we need each other. Life is such a great team work. Nobody is insignificant, we are all

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Why we should unfollow people in real life

You don’t need everybody before you do something big or something great, you need a few people. It is better to have small circle of people you can trust anytime any day than for you to have a large group of friends you are not sure you can trust. It was Fidel Castro who said

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The thoughts of committing suicide after going through a situation that seems to be no solution. I mean, you see a man who is sick and does not know the cause of the illness, you see a woman who is in an abusive relationship, you see a man who wants to commit suicide because of

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