One nation in peace Once upon a time in pieces On the Calvary of hope We stood with cope Trying to ease our heat The system got esteem Like body in a cream On in turn fading Flicking and extricating Away the stream The noble stand tall And the ignoble stood fall For a battle

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Sorrowfully, I learnt to be alone Tears rolled down my cheeks Depression presses me to earth Fear of losing you awakens In pain I was You drifted away like the snails So worried, so pained I prayed to God silently in my heart Each day I wake up, I sob out my heart I pray

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My generation My generation is a fast generation In my generation, everything is done quick In my generation a new born is hard to recognize He grows faster, even bigger than his father My generation is the technology one We are always connected A generation of facebook We believe in connection Even when we are

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